A new proactive growth paradigm for small business

The classic chicken-before-the-egg dilemma applies also to small businesses who want to get better and grow. You need to invest in your business and take some risks. But to invest, you need to grow. Where do you start? We’ve identified three attitudes that successful small businesses emanate in order to tackle this issue. These are at the core of proactive growth. But we want to focus on the specifics of the backend of growth, which many overlook when they think “growth”. This is a clear case for proactive internal risk mitigation, commensurate with external growth. Since the worst enemies of a growing business can be the overlooked internal issues of labor, finances and registrations.

Reactive business owners find themselves running from internal problem to internal problem, say nothing of external issues. We hear things like, “I use X system for payroll, Y system for Benefits, Platform Z for bookkeeping, Firm 1 for Accounting and Firm 2 for HR Consulting. Firm 1 is expensive, Platform Z is awful, and Firm 2 doesn’t work with X and Y systems. I guess things are going okay?” When it is a CEO telling us this, we want to help that CEO get her hours back. No wasted time with payroll, benefits and bookkeeping issues.

“I always say that following trends is never enough. If you want your business to be of real value, you should set trends instead of following the ones set by other companies. It is challenging and requires a lot of effort, but it’s worth it.” – Vladyslav SavchenkoPowercode

Usually this trend-setting is applied to marketing and buyer sentiments. But applied internally, there is a lot which reactive business owners can do to pro-activate themselves. Think outside of the box. For example, use integrable cloud-based payroll, benefits and bookkeeping software, while somehow having a very experienced teammate to settle problems for you. You might think “too expensive” or “no one does that”, so here is the box you can think outside of. How can you set a new trend for back office operations?

2. Get Uncomfortable

“I work with many large companies that read all the same books, go to the same conferences and hire the same consultants. Although they try to perfect the best practices of their industry, many end up with better sameness. The goal is to seek better difference, but this requires deviating from the normal way of doing business and taking risks. If you’re not uncomfortable, it’s probably not innovative.” – Kevin Ervin KelleyShook Kelley

The reactive business leader chases industry standards, even if they are high. But proactive growth will come from difference. In this light, how can you manage your back office differently? The pandemic has given many business leaders a taste of necessary innovation. One novelty is to outsource your entire HR and Finance function to an experienced team that will proactively run your back office business. Outside the box: this team remains at your side and you pay less than normal consulting fees.

3. Be growth-proactive, not impulsive

“A reactive person works out of impulsiveness, not assertiveness. To stop being reactive, it is appropriate to practice actions based on self-control. Not responding immediately to complex issues is the best way to begin the move favorably from reactivity to proactivity. Take a break, think about the benefits this action will generate and then execute to see the results.” – Kevin LeyesLeyes Media

Building upon this idea, handing complex issues of HR and Finance to a trusted partner is a proactive step to let go of any unfounded fears of losing control. We have found that businesses who engage with Suitless are free to do what they want to do and not what they have to do. That is a great recipe for innovation and proactivity. Our clients have often told us things like, “Our employees and I are happy and get whatever we need when we need it.” Having this type of satisfaction is the trend we aim to create, and enables business leaders to create the trends they want.  

The bottom line: business leaders need technology and support. Having your CEO run and manage these systems themselves is no way to run a business. Now, all these tech platforms out there that used to be middlemen are really just interchangeable nodes. Suitless offers an integrated nodal platform with full support for your back office. We’ll make sure you get the tech and the support right. Proactive growth outside of the box. Info@getsuitless.com

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