BLIB is Back!

What is BLIB?

Business Leaders in Bars Drinking Beers, or BLIB, was a project born in 2016 here at Suitless. The name pays homage to the Jerry Seinfeld show ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ and the concept is somewhat similar.

How does it work?

We sit down with a different CEO, Business Owner, or Business Executive throughout the country. We’ll go to a bar, have a beer or two and talk shop. We’ll discuss their business, trends that they’re seeing in the workforce, the bar/restaurant we’re in, and we’ll review the beer we’re drinking (and why we chose it).

We’re Opening the BLIB Vault!

Stay tuned for new releases of our vintage BLIB posts which will be posted right here on the blog for your reading pleasure.

But…aren’t bars closed?

Just like the rest of the world, we’re adapting to social distancing guidelines and will hold virtual BLIBs…at home…drinking..well, whatever’s available! 

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