Dealing with Vaping in the Office

Vaping seems to be all the rage these days. For those of you that have been stuck in the Stone Age, vaping is where individuals use a vaporizer or electronic cigarette in order to get their nicotine fix. Many do this in lieu of smoking cigarettes and view it as being a healthier option than the traditional smoking and inhaling of tobacco. Recently the world health organization reported that while traditional cigarettes and tobacco smoke is on the decline, there has been a steady increase in the number of those who choose to vape. Nowadays there are close to 40 million people worldwide who choose to vape. However, many employers are not sure how to deal with the vaping issue and what to do with employees and contractors vaping in the office. we’ve provided a few suggestions on how an employer may want to approach vaping in the workplace:

1. Policy

What sort of policy do you have when it comes to smoking in general? Does your policy include e-cigarettes or vaporizers? If not, you may want to consider including these technologically-advanced substitutes in your policy.

2. Disruption

What sort of disruption is employee vaping causing in your office? do employees smell when they returned from vaping? Are they leaving more frequently in order to do so? Do employees think that they have the right to vape indoors, maybe even sitting at their desk?

3. Employee Health

What sort of overall impact does vaping have on your employees? does vaping leave them addicted to nicotine? Are they more likely to smoke, consume, or ingest other unhealthy products because they vape? Do any of these decisions lead to an increase in your overall health care cost?

4. Perception

What would your clients I think if we walked into your office and saw an employee sitting at their desk smoking what appeared to be a cigarette hyphen looking device and then exhaling a thick stream of vapor? What about your other employees?

While there isn’t any sort of federal rules or regulations surrounding vaping, many states have tried to address the issue. States like Washington DC, New York, California, and Massachusetts prohibit the use of e-cigarettes by equating them to cigarettes and banning them wherever cigarette smoking is banned.

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