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Who is Suitless Inc? The back-office support you dream about

Suitless Inc. has been providing fast-growth businesses with Finance and HR consulting services since 2014.  “Fast-growth” is a very important element of that last sentence.  We are tech-driven and we work with companies that want to grow quickly.  That’s the 10-second pitch we offer when people ask who we are and what we do.

As a business owner, you have responsibilities and liabilities you may not even be aware of. We find this all the time. It’s a normal part of startups and small businesses. We offer Finance and HR consulting services. With our team of experts, we walk you through the obstacle course of legal requirements and employment in the US. We help get you ready for venture capital funding. We get your policies, documents and finances in order.

But who are we really…?  The best way to describe us is to list our core values.

This is who we really are:

  • Be Grateful – We’re always grateful for our clients, our friends, our families, our time together, and our time on this planet.
  • Work Within Our Limits – Because we’re of no use to anyone if we’re tired, cranky, or pissed off.
  • Be Transparent – About the work that we do, our flat fee model, and the advice we provide, because integrity and honesty are worth more than gold.
  • Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously – Life is short, so we work hard, do the right thing, have fun, and enjoy the people we work with.

We embody our core values in our Finance and HR consulting services. It’s also important for us to know and understand the core values of the companies we work with.  Has your company ever defined and published their core values? Why or why not?

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