Why Our Onboarding Process Will Make You Cry (tears of joy)

When you’re a leader within an organization it’s easy to start your day by focusing on the mountain of work in front of you, only to find that you’ve barely touched your to-do list by the end of the day.  Between your ever-expanding inbox, one meeting after the next, upcoming presentations, and the Zoom calls stacked on your calendar – work can feel like a treadmill with no off switch.  We get it. 

We’ve worked with enough business leaders to know that there are challenges around delegating work, like having confidence in your workers’ skills, worrying about others’ attention to detail, and letting go of your own little hangups.  

But when an executive gets their time back from the tedious tasks they’re doing, it can feel like winning the lottery.  Taking a business leader through our onboarding process, and watching them go from overloaded to overjoyed, is why we do what we do

When it comes to onboarding, here’s how our clients to tend to react.  

What New Clients Say

“This is amazing”

New Suitless clients, at onboarding

Just about everyone we work with says “This is amazing” at some point. Our new client onboarding process incorporates software, processes, and human beings to make sure our relationship starts off smoothly.  Every so often, we’ll even hear an audible sigh of relief when a new client realizes how much their lives are about to change once they hand over the “keys” to their back-office.  Here are some specifics we cover in onboarding that tend to elicit that sigh of relief:

  • We make sure we know everything we need to about you and your organization
  • We’ll understand your company’s financial and operational health
  • We’ll gather, and then secure, all the files and access we need
  • We talk through and then set expectations together
  • We’ll make sure you’re clear on our services, and exactly how to access them
  • We create a plan so we’re all on the same page 

What New Clients See  

From chaos to Organization

Processes start transitioning from manual to automated after our onboarding session.  This is just a starting point though, sometimes it takes a week or two for the full transition to occur. Clients see immediate benefits as we get entire functions off of their plate. They’ll start seeing less questions, emails, mail, and phone calls related to things like HR, bookkeeping, payroll, and benefits – but the work is getting done.  However, they will see higher level HR or Finance questions, as these are the strategic questions that can only be answered by a senior business leader.  


Clients hate password management.  We’ve seen logins and passwords stored everywhere from unsecured word documents to dozens of sticky notes. We’ve even seen passwords like “Password!” and “Admin123” which are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. We use a secure password management system that won’t give you headaches and will ensure security. 

Smoother Communication

You’ll also learn how to communicate with our Suitless team.  We’ve set up various channels that allow clients and their employees to communicate with us.  Everything from who to email and when, to when to call us vs. text us vs. Slack with us.  The reason you’re not seeing emails from employees, vendors, agencies, etc. is because we’re handling them. 

We love it when a new client says to us “Wait, you mean I’ll never have to do X again?” You can almost see them plotting how they’re going to spend all of their extra time. We’ll take all the information you have on your current processes and organize it so we can free up your time. Feel like you’re doing lots of tasks things manually? You’ll see the biggest benefits right away as we get you organized and automated and get all that clutter off your plate. 

 One of our goals in onboarding is to show new clients how we can consolidate processes.  Clients will often come to us and ask: “Can you take over X?” Or: “I do Y, does this mean you’ll do Y?” We like to flip this on its head and start with the question, “What are you trying to accomplish?” Then we work backwards from there. Often the way a client was doing something last month, last year, or since they started, has become obsolete because of new software options. It may be that your old 10-step process to pay a bill or resolve a recurring issue can be completed in just 3 steps using the latest tech and best practices executed by our well-trained team. 

What New Clients feel

We like to think that our onboarding process will give you all the feels. This is so that you can:

  • Get the most out of our services and understand all the ways we can help. 
  • Stay in the drivers’ seat. It’s music to our ears when we hear you say “Wait, you mean I’ll never have to do X again?”  (X being some sort of ongoing work task).
  • Plot how to spend all of your extra time.  
  • Let go of doing something the “old” way – because we do this all the time and we’re here to help you.

You’ll feel like we’re showing off. And maybe we are. We love to show off our systems and processes during onboarding.

What New Clients Walk Away With  

You’ll have a plan. 

By the time you’re done with our onboarding session, you’ll know exactly how to contact us for maximum effectiveness. You’ll also know what services are included in each or all of our service offerings: 

– Core eOffice, 

– Core HR, and

–  Core Finance 

Once you have this under your belt, you’ll know what questions or issues we can help with and what might be outside of our areas of expertise:

  • You’ll know what systems we use, and for what 
  • You will know how to talk about Suitless with your employees
  • You’ll know what our partner network looks like and when we “refer out”

Taking new clients through our onboarding process gets us pumped up. It’s a little bit of tech, a little bit of human, and a whole lot of ‘getting your company to the next level.’  If you’re ready to ditch the daily routine of opening your inbox and crying, come join us at Suitless and cry (tears of joy) as we make your back-office run smoothly.  

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