Back office support works better when everything is in sync

Suitless works with clients who are mission-driven and have a strong appreciation for technology. Our clients include tech companies in the following spaces: Real Estate, B2B SaaS, Media, LegalTech, and Blockchain. We also work with mission-driven non-profits, companies that contract with the U.S. Government (GovCon), and international companies that are looking to establish a presence in the U.S.
Suitless works with clients who are curious, seek expert advice and are comfortable delegating. Many of our clients have handled HR, finance, and operations – on a small scale – for their own business, but then get to a point where they need additional help and resources. We avoid engaging with prospective clients and individuals who are micromanagers or who think that they can do everything themselves. If you’re the former, you should reach out to us. If you’re the latter, good luck.
Businesses usually engage us for support at these times: 1) when they realize don’t have the expertise they need in HR, Finance, or Operations; 2) when they get overwhelmed with the amount of work they have in these areas; and 3) when they would rather spend their time building their business instead of dealing with these areas.
A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, is an umbrella company that some businesses use to handle their back-office work (usually Payroll, HR, and Benefits). In addition to the areas a PEO operates in, Suitless also consults on a broader scope of services (e.g. bookkeeping, banking, business insurance). Suitless also provides an “open” consulting/outsourcing model focused on partnerships with multiple vendors, professionals, and technologies; ultimately basing our decisions and recommendations on what’s best for our clients.
Suitless takes care of all your HR needs, from setting up payroll and benefits, to helping you hire and onboard your employees, to managing compliance related items. We’ll speak directly with your employees when they have issues or concerns and and we’ll support your leadership team with any needs that they have.
Suitless will help you interpret your numbers and understand how your company is operating. We do this by handling your bookkeeping, which includes reconciling transactions, closing your books, and providing you with financial statements.  We'll use this information to help you understand the story behind your company’s numbers. We’ll also assist you with budgeting and planning, cash forecasting, and liaising with tax professionals.
We will help your company with occasional or frequent business issues that are not part of your external business operations. We’ll help you get business insurance, get your contracts reviewed and administered, assist with state and local incentives, pay vendor bills, and take care of other administrative and operational tasks so that you can focus on running your business.
There are lots of things we don’t do. We don’t provide legal advice or opinions, we won’t do or file your taxes or provide attestations, audits, or accounting opinions, nor do we broker any insurance policies. However, we work with a number of firms and professionals that do provide these services and we can help your business secure these services from those firms and professionals. We also don't do work related to IT, Marketing, or Sales (but we know some great companies that do!).
Our staff includes professionals who care about helping businesses grow gracefully. We have strong relationships with external firms and outside professionals who we engage with on our clients’ behalf, including HR professionals, tax accountants, auditors, employment attorneys, immigration attorneys, corporate/general practice attorneys, and various types of insurance brokers. Other resources include relationships with and access to technology and software that will make your life easier and your business more efficient.
Suitless is a hybrid consulting and outsourcing firm. We offer a more diverse suite of services and have more resources at our disposal than independent consultants. However, we provide our clients with a more hands-on experience than what a large consulting firm would give you. We employ sharp people who use cutting-edge technology to accomplish all of this.  If you’re interested in working with a large consulting firm or an independent consultant - or if you'd like to know more about what technologies can help your company - we’d be happy to make introductions or recommendations.
You'll love working with us. You'll never have to wait on hold again after calling an 800 number. You'll never have to talk to a random customer service rep. You'll never have to refer to your business by your "account number". We'll start by working with you to understand your business, your challenges, and your goals. Then we'll help you make those goals a reality. We’ve helped small and medium-sized businesses for years and we’ve seen (and solved) any problem or challenge that you're running into.  We’re real people, and if you want to meet us in person you can. You'll be able to spot us because we'll be the ones who aren’t wearing suits.

Our engagements are always on a month to month basis, which means we have to earn our clients' business every month. We bill a flat-rate for managed services (outsourced bookkeeping and payroll) and an hourly rate for professional services (consulting and advisory services). Whether we're expensive or inexpensive is relative - we've been described as both. Companies with revenue, funding, and positive cash flow have described us as being the best value they've encountered. Companies that are pre-revenue or that don't have consistent revenue coming in may be better off handling HR, Finance, and Ops themselves. If you want to get headaches off your plate and onto ours, and if you value your time, then you drop us a line to learn more.


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