Core Finance

Get sound guidance and planning to understand where your money coming from and where it's going.

Cash Basis Bookkeeping

Tracking and coding transactions into the correct accounts is the first step in making sure that your company’s finances are being built on a solid foundation.  

Expense Management

Employees must be reimbursed correctly and compliantly.  Push this responsibility onto our plate so that you can focus on growing your business and thinking strategically. 

Cash Forecasting

Understanding the ebbs and flows of your finances is critical. Having an ongoing awareness of your financial picture means you’ll never have to worry about surprises.   

Financial Reporting

Reporting pulls everything together so you can understand your financial picture.  You’ll get critical insight into where money is coming from and where it’s going.   

Close Meeting & Strategy

Close meetings give you an opportunity to learn about the prior cycle. Strategy helps you plan your future by using your goals as a beacon.    

Annual Tax Coordination

Everything gets tied together and handed off to a tax accountant who can then file your taxes.  All those annoying questions from your tax accountant come to us – not you